Abstract Submission

Those who want to participate in the symposium with a notice should send their abstracts through the notice submission module in the web site until March 23, 2021.

  • Oral and Poster paper abstracts will be collected for the symposium.
  • It is necessary to register for the symposium so that abstracts can be published on the abstract CD.
  • A participant can submit maximum 3 papers.
  • The abstracts should be structured to include introduction, purpose, method, results and discussion information.
  • Academic titles should not be used, and abstracts must not exceed 500 words.
  • Posters will be presented as "digital posters".
  • Paper texts are collected via the online paper system.
  • Submission of papers via e-mail or in other different ways will not be accepted.
  • All information requested on the paper format page must be entered completely.
  • Papers saved in the system can be edited until the last submission date but cannot be edited or modified once sent.
  • Submitted papers are reviewed after the last submission date. As a result of the review, submitted papers are accepted or rejected.
  • Authors will be able to benefit from the discounted rates once the letter of acceptance is issued after the discounted registration date.
  • Paper presentations will be in English.

Digital Poster Technical Specifications :
  • It should be prepared as 3: 4 vertically as JPEG.
  • High resolution, minimum 1536 (width) x 2048 (height).
  • The writings on Digital E-posters that are prepared according to the specified scale should be as large and legible as possible. Suggested font is Arial between 12 - 22 points.
  • If the information on the E-poster does not fit on one page, a second page should be made on the same scale, and the quality of the pasted pictures and tables should be high.
  • If authors are having problems with JPEG resolution, they can submit their files with ppt or pptx extensions directly.
  • JPEG or workfiles should be sent to faika.yapici@burkon.com

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